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We pride ourselves on developing long- lasting relationships with our clients. We are hands- on and work directly with clients to achieve success.

Personal Tax Filing
  • Liberty Tax takes the complexity and anxiety out  of tax preparation. Our staff are knowledgeable and experienced professionals who pride themselves delivering accurate and timely results. You can trust Liberty Tax!


  • Our tax preparers live in your community. They're dedicated to making your tax experience the best one ever.


  • Our offers and promotions fit your individual filing situation. Filing with Liberty definitely has its rewards.

  • We guarantee your return is 100% accurate and your refund is the largest possible. You’ll love filing with Liberty.

File Your Taxes Now!

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Tax Filing
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10-Year Tax Review
  • The Canadian Tax Act makes it possible for Canadians to amend their taxes as far back as 10 previous years from the last year filed. Many taxpayers and their accountants are either unaware of this policy or fail to consider this provision to identify and recoup monies from CRA, due to misfiling.

  • Our program provides an in depth review to assess whether or not an individual tax payer has missed any entitled claims from their previous tax filings over the last 10 years.

  • We only get paid when you get paid.

Do you want to find out if you qualify?

10 Year Tax Review

Questions You May Have

Are you in competition with my accountant?

No. Accountants have a good general understanding of the tens of thousands of pages of the Tax Code, similar to a Doctor that is a general practitioner. We are specialists that only work in the complex world of personal tax refunds. We don't need to contact your accountant for our review purposes but if you prefer, we'll obtain your accountant's approval before we submit your adjustments to process your tax refund.

How much of a refund can I get?

Most of our qualified tax reviews result in a refund from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars.

Are my tax files secure with you?

The Tax Specialist assigned to your file is the only individual with access to your information and is bound by Canadian Law to keep your information strictly confidential.

Do I need to send you my old tax returns?

Generally not. Most of what we need can be provided online by the CRA.

When will I receive my refund?

In most cases, a tax review takes a week or two to complete. If you qualify for a refund, you can expect to receive your money from the CRA within four to eight weeks.

Roadmap to
Financial Freedom

We have paved the way for you to realize financial freedom one step at a time. We are reinventing financial services using our proprietary fin-tech platform to bring you the most effective customized solutions for your financial situation.

At Liberty Financial Group, we take a holistic approach to analyzing your financial wellness. We work with you to understand your current cashflow, assets and debts, and use this information to identify gaps in your overall financial plan.

We then do a deep dive to understand your goals and develop a roadmap to get you there. For most people this is financial independence: having enough money to cover your expenses, creating wealth that generates monthly income and ensuring your family is taken care of financially in the event of your death.

Explore your Roadmap to Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom
Mortgage Solutions
  • Whether you’re a first time buyer excited by your new home purchase, a seasoned home owner ready to move up or a savvy real estate investor, Liberty Financial Group has a mortgage for you.

  • Fixed rates, variable rates, flexible payment options and terms, we structure a mortgage that meets your individual needs. 


  • Appreciation of real estate in Canada has historically been a key contributor to wealth creation. A mortgage allows you to buy the home of your dreams or add to your real estate portfolio. As your mortgage is paid down and your home value increases through price appreciation, so grows your equity. Equity you can tap into to pay for life’s milestones and surprises, from education to weddings, renovations and retirement, all without selling your home!  

Contact us today

to build your real estate portfolio.

Life Insurance Solutions
  • Our license partners offers protection of your dependents at a very difficult time: when your income stops due to an untimely death. Life insurance provides your family with non-taxable funds which can be used to pay off debts, mortgages and capital gain tax and probate fees which would otherwise be the responsibility of your heirs. It also replaces your income so your family can continue to maintain their life style.

  • Life insurance is a crucial component of a financial plan, and an individual policy stays with you when you retire and are not covered by your employer benefit plan. The the earlier you get life insurance, the more affordable it is.

Get a personalized insurance solution for you and your family today.

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